TCL shows off 8K foldable TV that can transform into a coffee table

It is currently uncertain if and when the prototype will be available on the market.

TCL has unveiled a prototype 65-inch OLED TV that can fold away into a coffee table at Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles.

The foldable TCL TV was manufactured using an inkjet printing technique, and it promises to lower the cost of OLED screens while delivering stunning 8K resolution.

YouTube channel HDTVTest, shared a video of the 65-inch, 8K TV being demonstrated at Display Week, via Gizmodo.

OLED panels can bend and fold without breaking, which opens up new possibilities for design and functionality. However, OLED TVs are still expensive and difficult to produce, especially at larger sizes and higher resolutions. That’s why TCL’s prototype is so impressive. It uses a new manufacturing process that relies on inkjet printing technology to precisely apply the organic materials onto glass panels without wasting any material or creating defects. TCL’s prototype is the first to achieve 65-inch size and 8K resolution using this method. This process, which TCL announced in 2021, is expected to reduce the cost of OLED panels and make them more accessible to consumers.

The unique TCL TV shown at the event allows it to transform into a coffee table when not in use. By pressing a button, the TV folds in half backwards and lowers into a small table with a glass cover. When folded, half of the screen remains visible under the glass, presumably to watch content while the TV is being used as a table.

Further, the spec sheet shown in the video reveals that the TV has a max brightness of 800 nits, a contrast ratio of >1,000,000:1, a response time of less than 1 ms and a 120Hz refresh rate. It can also be folded up to 100,000 times.

It is currently uncertain if and when the prototype will be available on the market.

Image credit: HDTVTest

Source: HDTVTest, Via: Gizmodo