People are still ordering pizza from the Wii for some reason

These hackers are doing the Lord's work

Domino's Pizza

If you’ve ever missed out on ordering a pizza from your Wii, you’ll be pleased to know that you can actually still do that. Well, sort of.

For the uninitiated, the Nintendo console had a Japan-exclusive ‘Demae Channel’ that lets you order pizzas. While it was removed in March 2017, Damae remains an Uber Eats-style delivery service in Japan. It’s through that Damae connection that Wii users, with some workarounds, can still order a pizza from their consoles.

As outlined in a nearly eight-minute video from YouTuber Michael MJD, there’s a site called WiiLink that allows users to access old online Wii services that have since been shut down. This site is accessible on Wiis running the Homebrew Channel. From there, you’ll need a FAT32 SD card and the WiiLink 24 Discord to get the installation link for Demae (the Food Channel in English). This SD card will then need to be inserted into your modded Wii.

Since Demae isn’t available outside of Japan, the Food Channel will instead let overseas users order from what’s available in their markets. In the case of North America, the only option is Domino’s, although Michael MJD notes that more could be added in the future. He even ends the video by showing that he received the pizza in question. Clearly, this all takes a bit of work, and those who don’t like Domino’s are a little out of luck, but it’s certainly amusing.

Naturally, commenters on Michael MJD’s video had fun with the whole thing, with the top comment from @thecrackconnoisseur5278 pointing out that “Can the Wii do this?” has replaced the popular “can this run Doom?” technical experiments. Meanwhile, @antoniotorres1674 noted that we live in “really weird times” considering we can order pizzas from the Wii but not actually buy digital games. But @ChristopherDazey is clearly on a far higher level than the rest of us: “We won’t truly be a free people until we can order a smoothie from a TI calculator.”

Image credit: Domino’s Pizza

Source: Michael MJD Via: SlashGear