Public Mobile offering $55/50GB 5G plan on a 90-day subscription

The plan is $65/mo if you don't do a 90-day subscription

Telus’ Public Mobile just dropped a $55/mo 50GB 5G plan, though there are some caveats with the deal.

Public typically offers a $65/mo 25GB plan, but a new promotion has doubled the data to 50GB. It’s one of the provider’s new 5G plans, which means data speeds cap out at 250Mbps.

To get the $50/mo price, customers need to sign up for a 90-day subscription, which gives a $10/mo discount. It’s worth noting that Public provides the total data allotment upfront for the 90-day period.

Public Mobile’s $55/50GB plan as of May 30th, 2023.

Overall, Public’s $55/50GB promo looks like a solid offer, although it’s got some significant competition. Freedom, Fido and Virgin Plus all have $50/mo 40GB plans right now, while Rogers and Bell are offering $55/mo 75GB plans (though you need to also subscribe to home services to get that price).

Interestingly, Telus’ other flanker brand, Koodo, briefly offered a $55/mo 50GB plan earlier this month, but the plan was pulled just hours after it launched. It remains unclear why that happened, but Public now offers a better version of that plan since Koodo doesn’t offer 5G.

You can check out the Public Mobile offer here.