Tesla escapes recalls for allowing ‘in-motion’ gaming in its vehicles

The investigation first launched in December 2021 has finally been settled in favour of Tesla

Tesla has managed to avoid issuing a recall on its vehicles after the federal government closed an investigation into a feature known as ‘Passenger Play’ that allowed games to be played on displays while in motion.

The investigation dates back to December 2021 after customer complaints regarding live games and internet web searches being used by drivers while their Tesla cars are moving. The Passenger Play option aimed to be (as the name suggests) restricted to passenger use only.

More than half a million Tesla vehicles were included in the investigation conducted by the U.S.’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Around the time of the initial investigation, The Verge discovered that users who attempted to play games through Passenger Play were met with a warning, stating that only passengers are allowed to play while the car was in motion. Users then had to press a button to confirm that they were indeed passengers, despite drivers being able to do the same thing with ease.

Tesla was quick to make changes after the investigation, removing the feature through a software update in the same month. By the start of 2022, the automaker reported that 97 percent of its vehicles had completed the software update.

The company has also stated that it has recorded a small number of cases where Passenger Play was active while the vehicle was moving. It also determined that approximately one-third of these cases occurred without a passenger present in the vehicle.

The NHTSA has said that it’s still open to taking action in the future if a safety-related defect is discovered.

In other Tesla-related news, the company was recently flooded with thousands of Full Self-Driving (FSD) complaints from its customers.

Source: Reuters Via: The Verge