The Pixel Tablet accessories that Google never revealed

Google only confirmed a Pixle Tablet case and charging docks, but there could be more accessories in development

June is almost here, and with it comes the launch of eagerly awaited Google devices: the Pixel Fold and the Pixel Tablet, though only the latter will be available in Canada.

However, according to some recent hands-on reviews of the Pixel Tablet, the device seems to lack the wow factor we expect from Google and its Pixel devices.

One of the reasons for the disappointment, as pointed out by Android Police, is the lack of dedicated accessories, such as a stylus and a keyboard. According to tech insider Kamila Wojciechowska, who previously leaked details about Google’s Pixel Tablet plans, Google had been working on a “Keyboard for Pixel Tablet” and a “Stylus for Pixel Tablet” that never saw the light of day.

Instead, the only accessories that Google confirmed for the Tablet are the official Pixel Tablet Case with its metal ring stand, and a few extra charging docks (which are not very appealing, to be honest). According to Wojciechowska, these accessories might still be in development, though we’re uncertain if and when they’ll land on the market. We also don’t know what features the accessories will offer, what they’ll look like and how much they’ll cost.

Wojciechowska did not confirm or deny Google’s plans for this accessory.

The Pixel Tablet will be available to purchase on June 19th in Canada for $699.

Source: Kamila Wojciechowska Via: AndroidPolice