Virgin Plus matches Fido, Freedom $50/40GB

Virgin's plan only last 24 months and doesn't include Canada-U.S. calling and data like Freedom does

Virgin Plus logo on a phone with SIM card

Over the weekend, Rogers flanker Fido followed Vidéotron’s Freedom Mobile in offering a $50/mo 40GB plan. While Fido’s take on the plan isn’t quite as good — no Canada-U.S. usage — it’s not a bad deal overall. Now Bell’s Virgin Plus has joined with its own $50/40GB plan.

Virgin’s plan includes 40GB of 4G LTE data (at up to 150Mbps speed) along with unlimited nationwide minutes and messaging. The Virgin website notes that the plan is available to new activations only and that it’s $50/mo “after a credit of $10/mo. for 24 months.”

That last stipulation is particularly frustrating. Like Fido, Virgin’s plan isn’t actually $50/40GB — it’s $60 per month. And while two years is a long time, it’s double frustrating when Freedom’s deal doesn’t have a similar stipulation. Put another way, you should probably just get the Freedom deal.

Virgin Plus’ $50/40GB plan as of May 30th, 2023.

Virgin doesn’t list an end date for the plan, but Fido still says it will only offer the plan until May 31st. I suspect Virgin will pull its version of the plan shortly after Fido stops, but we’ll see what happens.

At the time of writing, Telus’ Koodo had not yet launched a similar plan.

It’s worth noting that Virgin still offers a $45/mo 30GB plan (after a $5/mo bill credit for 24 months) and a $39/20GB plan.

You can view Virgin Mobile’s plans here.