Elon Musk’s Twitter engagement peaked at acquisition, consistently dropping since

Pre-acquisition, Elon Musk published seven Tweets a week on average - now, he tweets roughly 21 times per week

Elon Musk’s tweets are not gaining as much traction as they did when he had just taken over Twitter.

Musk’s activity on Twitter has surely increased since his takeover of the platform seven months ago, and although the number of users engaging with Musk’s posts is still in the millions, less people are paying attention to what he has to say.

According to an analysis of his Twitter account performed by Huge, a tech-focused consulting and growth company, engagement on Musk’s account peaked in the weeks after his takeover, and has only dropped since.

According to Huge, the first spike in engagement came in when it was revealed that Musk was silently purchasing Twitter stock, with the engagement subsequently sky rocketing when the Twitter board accepted Elon Musk’s $44 billion USD (roughly $59.7 billion CAD) buyout offer. At the time, Musk was garnering more than 20 millions engagements each week.

“Elon Musk’s tweets attracted more engagement after his stake in Twitter started to increase,” according to Huge. “There’s a significant difference in engagement for Elon Musk’s original tweets after the acquisition, compared to before the acquisition.”

The second engagement peak came when Elon Musk completed the acquisition of Twitter on October 27th, 2022, with his tweets garnering more than 10 million engagements per week in the subsequent weeks, until the start of 2023.

Ever since, the number of tweets Musk hits publish on has increased, roughly by 10 percent each month compared to his pre-acquisition days. However, engagement has only been stagnant, if not on a decline.

Pre-acquisition, Musk published seven Tweets a week on average. Now, he publishes around 21 per week, equaling a 200 percent increase. Huge believes that the increase in tweet quantity, while offering no real quality, is diluting the billionaire’s engagement.

Image credit: Insider

Source: Insider