Google Weather rumoured to become a standalone Android app

The platform has lacked its own dedicated app for years now

Google Play Store

Android might finally be receiving a stock weather app directly from Google, built natively for the operating system. The app would function as its own independent entity, and receive updates directly from the Play Store.

Hints of this new weather app can be seen within the code of the Google Clock app, under the package name “com.google.android.apps.weather.” This reference was first uncovered by 9to5Google.

Until now, the weather experience on Android has been a rocky one. For many years, Google has neglected to create its own first-party forecasting app, electing instead to provide a shortcut to such information from within the Google app.

This haphazard implementation has resulted in a rather stale interface, and a quirky home screen shortcut workaround that feels tacked-on to say the least.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that the company was working on bringing its modern ‘Material You’ design language to weather. At the time we didn’t know of any plans for it being rebuilt into a dedicated, standalone app.

If proven accurate, this new development will be a positive one for Google’s growing ecosystem of Pixel devices. Other Android OEMs like Samsung have provided their own native weather apps for a while now, which outclass Google’s current offerings.

The conversation surrounding weather interfaces was reignited earlier this year when Apple killed off the well-regarded Dark Sky app. The company instead opted to roll out the feature set into its default weather app.

Dark Sky was once a very popular third-party weather solution on Android, before being bought by Apple in 2020. Not long after the purchase, it was delisted from the Google Play Store entirely.

Via: 9to5Google