Koodo introduces new program to move customers to a Telus plan

The move has led to speculation about the flanker brand's future

Telus has rolled out a way for Koodo customers to switch over to its main brand and save $10/month.

Called “Tab Carryover,” it allows Koodo customers with a tab or tab bonus to convert their balances through Telus’ Easy Payment.

Tab and Easy Payment are the terms associated with monthly payments customers make towards their devices from the respective brands.

Both allow customers to pay off a device through equal payments over 24 months. However, Telus’ Easy Payment requires customers to pay tax upfront. Telus will require any Koodo customers who do make the switch to pay the tax on their remaining balance right away.

It’s important to note Telus isn’t offering to match plan prices to any switching customers. According to a text Koodo sent to a customer, which was shared on Reddit, customers have to pick a Telus plan.

However, the text does indicate switching to any Telus Unlimited Plan will result in a $10 monthly discount for 24 months, leading to $240 in savings.

The text further reveals customers can attain the savings by visiting a Telus/Koodo store and sharing a promotion code which is cut off in the post.

Koodo sent this text to a customer outlining its Tab Carryover plan. Image credit: peosteve/Reddit

Telus’ reasoning behind the Tab Carryover plan is unclear. However, some commenters have questioned what this means for the future of the flanker brand.

On one hand, Koodo is offering customers bonus data offers, signalling that all is well. But Telus’ recent decision to bring 5G access to Public Mobile and not to Koodo further fuels speculation behind Tab Carryover.

Source: Reddit ‘peosteve