EA Sports is partnering with Nike to bring NFTs to its sports games

NFTs - It's In The Game.

Nike is collaborating with EA Sports to enhance the company’s ever-popular sports titles by introducing a platform that could see NFTs make their way into the games.

A press release from Nike has revealed that virtual creations from the company’s .Swoosh Web3 platform will be incorporated to build “new immersive experiences and unlock brand new levels of customization within the EA Sports ecosystem.”

Future EA Sports titles will also allegedly use the creations to allow players opportunities for “self-expression and creativity through sport and style.”

If this all sounds familiar, you’re not alone. The concept is shockingly similar to that of many NFT features in mass media, allowing users to obtain, own, buy and sell digital goods that are exclusive to them. In this case, instead of online symbols or artwork, it could be game-specific properties such as gear or clothing.

Although the official announcement does not mention NFTs directly, .Swoosh already released its first NFT sneaker collection in May 2023, making the prospect of an NFT-like feature all the more plausible.

Further, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said back in November 2021 that NFTs could be “an important part of the future of our industry.”

Once again, EA Sports is looking to bring Nike’s .Swoosh integration to its upcoming games, so don’t expect any exclusive customization to automatically appear in the company’s current titles such as Madden or FIFA 23.

Image credit: EA Sports

Source: Electronic Arts Via: Video Games Chronicle