This new DIY mod kit brings your Nintendo Switch back to 1996

The three-pronged legend can now become a wireless gamepad for your Switch

Although typically at each other’s throats over who had the better childhood, 90s and 2000s kids can unite in support of 8BitDo’s new kit, which allows users to transform Nintendo 64 controllers into wireless gamepads for the Nintendo Switch.

The new kit is ideal for those looking to play some N64 classics the way they were intended (minus the restricting cable) or for those who want a new spin on modern classics.

Nintendo does sell an official wireless N64 controller for the Switch, although it’s tricky to find and at a price point of $49.99 (approximately $67.19 CAD.) The controller has been known to sell out fast, and availability is restricted to subscribers of Nintendo’s online service, making 8BitDo’s new kit an even more promising option.

It’s actually quite a clever little mod kit that gives your old controller something practical to do rather than watch you use Joy-Cons from across the room. The company has also confirmed that modded controllers work wirelessly with Android, and press photos show them being used on laptops.

This isn’t 8BitDo’s first rodeo, either. 8BitDo has also released similar DIY kits for retro controllers in the past, including hardware for both the NES, SNES and my personal favourite, the Sega Genesis.

The kit is available in a few different variations, such as the $29.99 (approximately $40.31 CAD) bundle that includes the Mod Kit and a rumble pack that doubles as a rechargeable battery. Additionally, you can opt for the $39.99 (approximately $53.75 CAD) bundle that includes a replacement hall effect joystick which can also be purchased separately for $19.99 (approximately $26.87 CAD.)

Bundles for the kit can be found here. The kit is scheduled to ship on July 5th.

Image credit: 8BitDo

Source: 8BitDo Via: The Verge