Apple updates SharePlay with CarPlay feature that’s great for roadtrips

SharePlay will become a lot more useful on the road

If you go on long road trips and hate it when other people touch your phone to change the music, you can now remedy that with a new iOS feature called SharePlay in the Car.

This means that if you’re in a vehicle using Apple Music and CarPlay, other nearby iPhones travelling with you will be prompted to join your listening session so you and your co-pilots can all queue up songs from their own music libraries.

The magic here is that the iPhone should be smart enough to detect when it’s near a sharable listening session, and a simple prompt pops up asking you to join your friends.

MobileSyrup is able to confirm that this feature is exclusive to Apple Music and that it’s powered by SharePlay’s API.

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Update 05/06/2023 9:01pm ET: Added information about Apple Music exclusivity.

Image credit: Apple (screenshot)