Apple’s Vision Pro headset brings new immersion to familiar iOS apps

Apple describes the headset as its first 'spatial computer'

Apple Vision Pro

After many years of heavy rumours and speculation, Apple has finally taken to the stage to announce its entrance into a new product category. Dubbed Vision Pro, the mixed reality headset has been showcased to the world at WWDC 2023.

Safari, Notes, Messages, Apple Music and a number of other apps familiar to the Apple ecosystem will work natively on the new platform. Apple says that apps will benefit from no longer being stuck within the confines of a small display.

One such application getting the Vision Pro treatment is Disney+, which will be receiving an optimised version of the streaming service to coincide with the release of the headset.

Disney+ Apple Vision Pro

Apple also highlighted its focus on game development, with enhanced support for Unity to more easily translate titles to the new platform.

A number of key technologies, including 3D cameras and spacial audio support, will be used to enhance the app experience and make it more immersive overall.

Apps themselves are able to be dynamically organized within a user’s personal viewing space. As for the interaction method developed, Apple says a mix of voice, vision, and motion gestures have been employed for the task.

Using iCloud, existing first-party app data will automatically sync to Vision Pro, and will scale appropriately to work on the new interface.

Apple Vision Pro headset

Image credit: Apple

Apple also confirmed that the Vision Pro will support over 100 Apple Arcade games at launch, with NBA 2K23 cited as an example.

Vision Pro will be available to purchase in the United States early next year, with a release in additional markets to follow. It’s unclear when or if the headset will release in Canada. The device starts at $3,499 USD (roughly $4,702 CAD).

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