Android 13 adoption up 10 percent since January

Unfortunately, Android 13 adoption numbers are abysmal

Android 13 easter egg

Android adoption numbers are as bad as always, with most users still on Android 10, according to Mishaal Rahman, who spotted an update to the Android Studio distribution list.

The latest version update to Android, Android 13, saw a 10 percent increase from the most previous results in January. However, that 10 percent increase only brings Android 13 to 15 percent of the market share.

Android distribution share is always abysmal, and it’s crazy that eight percent of Android users are on Android 8 or earlier. Android 8 Oreo, came out in 2017, five years ago, so it’s crazy that people are using that OS version.

Android 13 came out at the end of 2022, and most Android devices in Canada ship with this new variant. This is likely why there’s been an increase of 10 percent since the beginning of this year. However, in other parts of the world, this is possibly not the case. And if you buy a phone from the first half of 2022 or earlier, your device would ship with an earlier version of Android.

However, it’s hard to compare with Apple adoption numbers since they’re only one OEM, and each Android manufacturers and software updates work differently. But if you’re reading this from an older Android device, you should definitely press that update button.

Source: Mishaal Rahman