Tim Cook says $3,499 USD Vision Pro is ‘great value’

A 4K experience for each eye doesn't come for free

Person wearing Apple Vision Pro header.

Apple revealed its long-awaited AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Unfortunately for Canadians, the headset isn’t coming to Canada at launch, and even if it was, it is unlikely that many would like to pay its hefty $3,499 USD (roughly $4,700 CAD) pre-tax price.

During an interview for ABC’s “Good Morning America with co-anchor Robin Roberts, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the oh-so-fancy Apple Vision Pro, and how it is “great value.”

“It’s the most advanced piece of electronics equipment out there. It’s tomorrow’s engineering today,” Cook said.

When asked whether the average person will be able to afford the Vision Pro, Cook said he doesn’t know. “I think people will make different choices depending upon their current financial situation,” adding that users will have “more than a 4K experience in each eye.”

Admittedly, the Vision Pro might be the best mixed reality headset on the market, but spending north of $4,700 CAD on it is only something that Apple super fans or especially affluent people would consider.

Roberts also questioned Cook about how being immersed in the headset might lead to isolation, to which Cook replied, “This isn’t about isolation; it’s about connection. It’s about making people feel as if they’re there with you.”

You can check out the complete interview here.

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Source: GoodMorningAmerica Via: iPhoneInCanada