Western Digital’s Xbox Series X/S storage cards start at $110 in Canada

A less expensive alternative to Seagate's expansion cards

WD Xbox cards

Western Digital (WD) has launched its ‘C50’ storage expansion cards for the Xbox Series X/S.

These are the first official alternative to the current-gen Xbox console’s pricey proprietary Seagate cards.

In Canada, the 500GB WD card is $109.99, while the 1TB model is $204.99. For reference, the base Seagate model, which is 512GB, has a suggested retail price of $179, while the 1TB card is priced at $299.99. WD doesn’t currently offer a 2TB option, of which Seagate sells for $519.

Clearly, they’re still fairly pricey, due to their SSD tech, but at least consumers have a few more options now. Until now, the only way to expand storage has been through the Seagate cards. (While standard external hard drives can be used, they don’t offer the faster load times for Series X/S games, so the Seagate cards were the best way to go for current-gen games.)

It should be noted that one other option to manage storage (beyond deleting games, of course) is to stream games through Xbox Cloud Gaming (included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $16.99). Provided your internet is solid, this will let you play games without needing to download them.

Image credit: WD

Via: Engadget