Apple News+ to add crossword puzzles upon the launch of iOS 17

Apple is looking to offer more value to the Apple News+ subscriptions

Amongst all the announcements to come from Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), subscribers to Apple News+ have a new fun feature to look forward to. Upon the release of iOS 17, Apple intends to add daily crossword puzzles to the app.

In a direct line of competition with The New York Times, Apple News+ subscribers will be receiving even more content for their subscriptions. Subscribers will be able to access crossword puzzles alongside over 300 digital publications.

As of now, the interface and layout of these planned crossword puzzles are still unknown. However, Apple may be looking to take a page from the NYT app and NYT Games app, both of which offer access to crosswords with a paid subscription.

Another mystery is whether or not Apple will hire an in-house crossword puzzle editor. The New York Times famously has Will F. Shortz pen its crosswords. One has to wonder if Apple will attempt to find its crossword puzzle writer, aka Cruciverbalist.

Apple likely feels additional pressure to provide more value to its $12.99 monthly subscription. In early 2022, The New York Times acquired Wordle, the viral word puzzle game that swept social media. While it’s still free on browsers, the game is now associated with one of Apple’s largest news competitors.

iOS 17 is expected to launch later this year. Alongside additive perks to Apple News+, the new software introduces features for AirDrop, the Phone app, and the new ‘Standby’ display.

Source: The Verge