iOS 17 adding Camera app enhancements to help line up and level your shots

The iPhone Camera app will soon help shutterbugs line up their shots with an onscreen guide

On the heels of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), some users are starting to get their hands on the iOS 17 developer beta, discovering new features. One of which is a setting for the Camera app, assisting users in helping level their horizontal shots.

A levelling feature has been available within the Camera app’s ‘Grid’ mode. While not a widely known or popular feature, its inclusion helps users see when they’re lined up above their subject. However, iOS 17 aims to expand this feature.

It’s been reported that this levelling feature will soon be broken out onto its own. As a standalone option, users will be able to use it at a horizontal level when shooting traditional photos straight-on.

Similar to a traditional level, this level will appear as a horizontal line across the screen. When the iPhone and its lenses assume you’re attempting to frame a subject straight-on and are tilted, the line appears as white. This represents that the device is off-tilt. When adjusted and properly lined up, the line turns yellow.

Based on reports from users who have had hands-on time with this new feature, the levelling option isn’t intrusive nor gets in the way when you’re intentionally taking a photo at an angle. The feature assumes that stylistic and artistic choices are being taken for a photo and will avoid interfering.

It’s noted that currently, the ‘Level’ option is off by default. However, by navigating to the Camera menu in ‘Settings,’ users can turn it on alongside the aforementioned Grid mode.

iOS 17 is expected to launch later this year. Once available, users will be able to test out this feature themselves.

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Source: MacRumors