ChatGPT app adds Siri and Shortcuts support

The app is now also optimized for iPads

ChatGPT app on the App Store

In May earlier this year, OpenAI launched access to ChatGPT through an iOS app in the United States. A subsequent update brought the app to new countries, including Canada, on May 26th.

Now, new updates coming to the app bring support for Siri and Shortcuts, alongside easier access to the AI tool across different apps and devices, as spotted by Engadget.

As an example, with Shortcuts support, users would be able to ask the ChatGPT iOS app to solve a math problem and then send the answer to a friend via text or save it as a note. The app can be launched directly via Siri, or you can use the virtual assistant to create these shortcuts.

In addition, iPad users will get a more native experience with the app. The app has been optimized for iPads, so users can now enjoy a full-screen experience with ChatGPT. Previously, the app was only formatted for iPhone-sized screens, which made it look awkwardly small on larger displays.

Another new feature is ‘drag-and-drop’ support, which enables you to drag messages from ChatGPT and drop them into other apps and vice-versa.

Lastly, the iOS app syncs your conversations via your account to your computer, so you can pick up where you left off.

During its initial announcement on May 18th regarding the app, OpenAI said that an Android app “will be coming to your devices soon,” however, the app hasn’t arrived yet.

Source: OpenAI Via: Engadget