Marvel Snap’s new Conquest mode coming June 13

The feature allows players to participate in ranked leagues

‘Conquest Mode’ is a new way to play Marvel Snap. Fans have been waiting on it for some time, and we now know it will launch on June 13th.

Ben Brode, chief development officer at Second Dinner, told us at Summer Game Fest 2023 it would be released “next week.” It comes as a part of the Spider-Verse season.

Conquest is a lot like ‘Battle Mode,’ except it’s ranked and includes a series of progressively challenging leagues: Proving Grounds, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Vibranium, and finally, Infinity. That last tier is only open temporarily.

You earn your way up through the leagues by defeating opponents. Three wins in one league will earn you a ticket to move into the next. Lose too often, though, and you’ll be knocked back down. Purchasing the in-game currency, Gold, can allow you to jump up to any tier you want without having to earn it. Players should inform themselves about the potentially addictive nature of microtransactions before paying.

Marvel Snap is available to play on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and macOS.

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Image credit: Second Dinner